Creamsoure Micro



The Creamsource Micro is less than
half the size of the Creamsource Mini+
weighing in at approximately 2.5kg.
It features a rugged and waterproof
design, with an IP65 rating which means
it can be used in all weather. Light output
is the same excellent quality as the rest
of the Creamsource range, with colour
temperature adjustable from 2700 to
6500K and a CRI/TLCI of greater than
90. Drawing only 80W, it rivals the light
output and punch typical of some 200W
HMI Luminaires. Unlike most bi-colour
fixtures, the Micro maintains constant
power output across the whole CCT
range, so users always get the unit’s full
potential, and there is no reason to have
to choose between a bi-colour or daylight