Colt LED 4ft Tube

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Colt LED 4ft Tube

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Single 4ft LED tube.

The Colt LED Lamp BiColor T12 Tube features a switch on one end of the lamp to switch between tungsten 3200K or daylight 5600K. A half round diffuser covers the LEDs, while the back half of the tube is matte black aluminum. Light is emmitted in a 180 degree pattern. The Colt LED is powered by 120VAC and there is no external ballast or head cable required. The included 2-pin 1′ power adapter cable attaches to just one end of the tube and plugs into an Edison outlet. Colt LED Tubes can be used in Kino Flo Fixtures to replace fluorescent tubes. Now instead of changing lamps you can just throw a switch to change color temperature. The BiColor tubes can also be used individually and are not required to be mounted in a fixture. Lay it on the floor, lean it in a corner or rig it to a c-stand, the Colt BiColor Tube is a versatile lighting tool. Patent Protected.