A stage is available at our facility. The stage includes a two-wall cyclorama which is generally painted either green or white, depending on the previous shoot. Painting charges apply to touch up or repaint the cyc. The garage door is large enough for vehicles to drive in.

Our stage features a 15 1/2′ high grid. The full stage is 70′ x 46′, the cyc and painted section of the floor is 50′ x 37′.

For power, we provide 1200 Amps 3-phase, ran into power distribution boxes on the ground. Power is charged as used. House power is also available.

To evenly light the cyc walls, 20 500 watt cyc lights are included with the stage rental. These, and any additional lights, can be addressed to our Strand Lighting console, which is also provided.

A number of supporting facilities are provided with rental of our stage. These include wardrobe and makeup rooms, a kitchen, a conference room, and a production office. The Production Office is now equipped with a Audio/Video signal feed that allows more flexibility to your shoot.