In order for you to rent equipment from LSI we will need a Rental Agreement, Credit Card, and an Insurance Certificate. The Rental Order Form is optional.


We need a completed and signed Rental Agreement from every individual or production company that rents from us. Download it ahead of time or we can give you a copy when you pick up your equipment.


This doesn’t need to be the card you use for payment. We just need a card on file in case something goes horribly awry.

To get authorization, fill out and fax or e-mail us our Credit Card Authorization Form.

Be advised, if a credit card is used to pay for an order, there will be a 5% convenience fee for credit card processing.


Take a look at our Insurance Requirements for full details. If you want an example, see our Insurance Certificate Sample. For smaller orders, if obtaining insurance is a hassle, LSI offers a 15% surcharge in lieu of an insurance certificate for most types of rentals. Call for more information.

If you’re looking for a place to start with insurance, see Taylor & Taylor Associates’ Information Card. They also have a useful Checklist of things to think about when considering your production insurance.